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Titolo annuncio Doctor-Norway
Descrizione dell'offerta Divico Consultores, a personnel selection company with more than 25 years of experience in healthcare profiles, both nationally and internationally, requires nurses to work in the best health centers in Switzerland. We are looking for Médic s graduates with a Basic Norwegian Level and 6 months of experience to join health centers and / or Hospitals of the Nordic Countries. We offer: - Flexibility in the dates of incorporation. - Economic facilities. - International experience. - Professional growth in one of the most prestigious healthcare environments in the world. - Support throughout the selection process. - Possibility of continuous training in the company. - Very good salary conditions ** - In case of not having Norwegian- FREE COURSE • Free Course until you acquire level B2 of Norwegian. • Candidates will pay 1000 NOK for all the material they will use. They will have to pay 1000 NOK each month for 14 months. This is all together 15,000 NOK. All money will be reimbursed when they have passed the Bergens test (acquisition of the Norwegian B2). If they resign before they have finished the course, they will not be reimbursed for the course. They will have a contract assuring them that they have a job (a work guarantee) and that the 15,000 NOK will be reimbursed. - Includes Free Flight to Norway. - Free accommodation with all furniture, internet and TV. Normally they should share the floor with other doctors, depending on the size of the floor. Even so, they will have their own room. Requirements: - Minimum 6 months of experience as a doctor in health centers, regardless of the internship period. - Graduated in Medicine. Master's studies will be very well evaluated. - Availability of change of residence to the Nordic countries. - Basic level of Norwegian.
Sottotitolo Doctor-Norway
Zona di lavoro medicine
Provincia indifferente
Disponibile da: NaN/NaN/NaN
Fino a: NaN/NaN/NaN
date flessibili: SI
Livello di studio Laurea breve
Esperienza 1 anno
Tipo di assunzione Assunzione a tempo determinato
Contratto Full time
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